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SpinBox is always growing, with new features being added to keep up with the changes of the Internet and our customers' needs. These are some of the most recent features added to SpinBox.

SpinBox's latest product offering is a huge success and fills the void between the Virtual and Light customer. mini-SpinBox is for small web sites serving less than 30 million monthly impressions and want an affordable, easy to manage product.

Expanded Geotargeting Data
SIC Code and domain targeting is now available without slow reverse DNS lookups! SpinBox's geotargeting module offers targeting features other don't to give your advertisers the pin-point targeting they need for increased revenue.

Frequency Capping
SpinBox now has the ability to limit the number of times a certain visitor views or clicks a piece of content within a specified time period.

Time of Day/Day of Week Targeting
This new feature allows advertisers to specify which days of the week and which hours of the day their ads are shown.

Demographic/Cookie Targeting
Demographic targeting gives you the ability to target certain content to certain people, depending on their age, sex, profession, or even what name brands they use.

Load Balancing
Load balancing makes sure that your SpinBox never goes down, even under heavy traffic, by balancing the traffic over multiple servers. The diagrams below shows how SpinBox's load balancing works.

The load balancer offers scalability and redundancy, so that each additional server increases capacity by its rated amount. Two SpinBox Pros placed behind a load balancer can serve up to 70 million ads per day. When more capacity is needed, additional SpinBoxes can be added.


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