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SpinBox was built for speed, presenting visitors to your Web site with targeted, rotating content at up to 35 million times a day using only a single server (Adding additional servers allows you to serve hundreds of millions per day). With the product's intelligent targeting, your content and ads receive optimum exposure and its real-time, Web-based, graphical reporting allows monitoring of all activity. SpinBox is a hardware/software solution integrated in a stand-alone package so simple to use that it is as easy as 1-2-3.

SpinBox will rotate and target any World Wide Web compatible document, from advertisements to video files to text documents. Based on powerful proprietary database solutions, it can handle thousands of rotations per minute.

SpinBox will non-intrusively integrate with any existing server platform and/or network system. It comes equipped with everything needed to set up and configure content rotation right out of the box - SpinBox eliminates the need for any additional software or hardware.

Management of your rotations, including adding and deleting content, setting targeting specifications, and receiving reports are handled via an easy to use Web-based user-interface. SpinBox also offers on-line tech support with remote trouble-shooting capabilities.


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