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The benefits of SpinBox as a site-side ad server

There are many reasons why so many customers are more than satisfied with using SpinBox as an ad serving solution. Among these are the facts that SpinBox is a standalone solution, compatible with any operating system, and easily accessible from anywhere with Web access. Add to this SpinBox's legendary 24-hour-per-day, seven-day-per-week technical support, and it is no wonder why so many customers have chosen--and kept--SpinBox as their ad server.

As a standalone solution, SpinBox is compatible with any operating system and configuration, making it unnecessary to install complicated software across existing Web server architecture. SpinBox software runs independent of an existing Web server, giving the site owner the freedom to allocate time to other issues. This also means that the resources of the Web server are free; heavy Web traffic does not lead to slow ad delivery.

SpinBox saves publishers money. Outsourcing ad serving means giving up a large percentage of potential ad revenue. SpinBox helps publishers break free of the constraints of ad networks and the high CPM rates that go with them. With SpinBox, the more ads served, the less expensive your investment becomes.

The advertising market is unpredictable. SpinBox requires only a one time charge that gives sites powerful ad serving features without paying a monthly fee.

SpinBox gives publishers the freedom to sell their own ad inventory and to have control over which ads appear where on their sites. You control your own inventory, what CPM you charge, when campaigns run, and what type of creatives will run across your sites. Maximize the rate of return on your unsold inventory by using SpinBox to prioritize and schedule banners from 3rd party ad networks.

With a Web interface that is accessible from anywhere, SpinBox provides a single place for advertisers, publishers, and campaign managers to access information about a specific piece of content or campaign.

SpinBox comes in a bundled package with the software pre-installed; DBA or network admninistrator monitoring or allocation of other technical hours is unnecessary. The only thing needed to use SpinBox effectively is someone to upload content and schedule campaigns. While other vendors stress the importance of having a technical contact available to do periodical maintenance on the server, most maintenance on SpinBox can be done remotely.

SpinBox's support staff is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and support packages include upgrades and 24 hour replacement of a SpinBox if there is a hardware failure.


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