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    What's your real total cost of ownership?
Because SpinBox is available for one all-inclusive price, it has been proven to have a lower total cost of ownership than other ad serving solutions. In fact, SpinBox can serve more ads with one ad server than most competitors can serve with two or more. This means lower prices on everything from the ad server itself to the cost of hosting.

A single SpinBox ad server also houses the database server, lowering your costs even more. Competitors require customers to buy a separate database server in order to serve ads. Additional commodity servers can cost upwards of $2,000.

SpinBox Pro, for instance, is licensed to serve 5 million impressions per day. It contains everything you need, including the hardware, and requires no additional installation or configuration other than plugging it in.

How is SpinBox Cheaper than Competitors' Offerings?

Look at the requirements for competitors and you will see that a minimum of two servers are required. One for the ad server and one for the database server. What's not mentioned is that YOU are responsible for setting up and installing the database server in addition to setup and installation of the ad server. Read the fine print and you will see that you need one ad server for each 2 million daily impressions you serve.

Speed = $$$ (Savings)

So to serve 5 million daily impressions you'll need 1 database server and 3 ad servers. In order for the three ad servers to work together, you will need a load balancer, bringing your server total to five. Five addtional servers @ $2,000 each is an additional $10,000. Now factor in the additional cost of hosting four more servers, plus setup and installation. No wonder hosting ISPs are doing so well! Plus your IT consultants will love the additional work!

At least $10,000 cheaper?

To remain competitive, you'd expect our competitors to be at least $10,000 cheaper. Maybe that's why competitors are always trying to beat our price, because their total cost is so much more expensive!

Is SpinBox $10,000 more than competitor's products? In most cases SpinBox is competitively priced or lower than other ad servers. Now you can see how SpinBox is cheaper for serving only 5 million ads a day, think of how much you'll save if you are serving more!


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